The List

The Player's Theatre & The Box

After a sold out run at The Players Theatre in May, Mia reprised her role  in The List at The Box in October.

The List by Kirra Cheers is a theatrical adaptation of a photography project that guides audience members through the gravestones of someone else’s love life. Performed as a series of monologues, audience members will engage in a participatory narrative that opens the door to an evening of voyeurism, sexual intrigue, and personal introspection – leaving you questioning…how many people have you had sex with and what would they say about you?​


more & everything that happens

Access Theatre

Mia worked with Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective, playing the Doctor on Living & Dying & Being Dead, the second instalment of more and everything that happens, a new trilogy by Amelia French. 

A young person brings a tour group to the house where they grew up; generations of women can't agree on basic metaphysics; a boy invites a mother-shaped demon inside. A new kind of American cycle emerges from the mind of Amelia French-- cats banter with ghosts, perceptions compete viciously, and the weary bones of family drama dance anew.




Mia can be seen playing the role of Izzy in the online series Swipe alongside Joe Blute.


Written by Jon Saks.

Directed by Ryan Cavataro.


Due for release Valentines Day, 2020.


10 Seconds

Theatre Mitu 

Mia worked with Bloom Theatre Company on an exciting new staged workshop reading.

In 10 Seconds the language of connection is brought to life by five moving bodies, encapsulating the universality of love: love of other, love of thing, love of higher power, love of love, and most importantly, love of self. In this poetry and movement play, the human psyche unlocks into a funhouse – a true world of abandon. Here, words are no longer pedestrian speech, but lyrical expressions of emotion; and behavior transforms into a movement analysis of our most private moments.


Mighty Atoms

ART New York

Mia was a part of the staged reading of Mighty Atoms, written by Amanda Whittington and directed by

Rosie Mahon and Milly-May Mordrick

​Inspired by Hull’s original Mighty Atom, Barbara Buttrick, this new play by award-winning writer pulls no punches.​


Even The Ones That You'll Hardly Remember 

M. Cole Chilton 

Mia can be seen in the 2018 Moet spec commercial as a part of the Moet Moment Film Festival. 

Directed by M. Cole Chilton.

To find out more about the project click here.

Click on the link below to watch the full commercial.


Academy Company Showcase

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Mia's three years of training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts came to an end on March 8th as she took her 

final bow as a member of the 2017/18 Academy Company in her showcase for industry guests.

She feels extremely honoured to have been selected for the Company and to have spent another year growing as an artist in an environment she considers home. 

Mia would like to wish the 2018/19 Academy Company all the best!


Water On The Moon

Academy Company at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

In February 2018, Mia played the role of Callie in Water On The Moon.

Written by Emily Bohannon and directed by Jessi D.Hill as a part of a new work series with the Academy Company at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


The Seagull

Academy Company at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

In December 2017, Mia played the title role of Nina in The Seagull, as a part of the classical series at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Directed by Jonathan Bolt. Translated by Paul Schmidt.


To Wong Foo

Academy Company at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Mia played the role of Clara Pearl in the world premeire of Douglas Carter Beane's musical adaptation of his 1995 cult film To Wong Foo.

Music by Lewis Flinn.

Musical direction by Brad Simmons

Choreography by Lorin Latarro and Shiloh Goodin.

The musical then went on to have a workshop reading which included Alice Ripley, Annie Golden and Santino Fontana.


Balm in Gilead and Mother Courage

Academy Company at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

In September 2017, Mia made her Academy Company debut in Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage, adapted by David Hare and directed by Barbara Rubin, playing the role of the Recruiting Officer and Kay in Lanford Wilson's Balm In Gilead, directed by Jonathan Bolt.


This Changes Everything

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Mia played the title role of  Maja in the New York premiere of Joel Horwood's This Changes Everything.

The play follows a group of disillusioned young women have disappeared. On a platform out at sea, they have formed The Community – a new type of society and a better way of living. But how can you change the world if you’ve taken yourself out of it?

The production of This Changes Everything was directed by Barbara Rubin.


Twelfth Night

The  American Academy of Dramatic Arts

In March 2017, Mia played the role of Viola in an all female version in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night,

directed by Michael Bradshaw Flynn.


Michael Cinquino

Michael Cinquino Photography

Mia had the pleasure of working with headshot photographer Michael Cinquino on a promotional branding video Go Inside A Session With Michael.


En L'aire

PRATT University

Mia starred in a short film written and directed by Augustina Biasutto, in association with Pratt University Film program. En L'aire explores the power of resilience that a young dancer must have.

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Mia would like to thank her family for their encouragement and support, especially her Ma, Angela. She would also like to thank Joe Wright and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts & Arts Educational.

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