Bad People. Good Match.

Mia can be seen in the upcoming webseries 'Swipe'. 

Directed by Ryan Cavataro.

Written by Jon Saks.

To be released in Summer 2019.

The List

The Box

October 2018

After a sold out run at The Players Theatre in May, Mia reprised her role in The List at The Box  in October.

The List by Kirra Cheers is a theatrical adaptation of a photography project that guides audience members through the gravestones of someone else’s love life. Performed as a series of monologues, audience members will engage in a participatory narrative that opens the door to an evening of voyeurism, sexual intrigue, and personal introspection – leaving you questioning…how many people have you had sex with and what would they say about you?

Mia would like to thank her family for their encouragement and support, especially her Ma, Angela. She would also like to thank Joe Wright and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts & Arts Educational.

Equity UK

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